20 Creative Ways to Store Small Appliances and Reduce Counter Clutter

Organize your kitchen countertops by using these creative solutions for little appliance storage.

It’s critical to keep clutter off counters whether your kitchen has a shortage of counter space or you just don’t want to overcrowd its surfaces. Less material, after all, leaves more space for baking, cooking, and meal preparation. Small appliances are one source of clutter on countertops. Many appliances may be stored neatly and kept ready for use when needed, but there are other things, like your coffee maker, that make sense to keep out of the way due to regular use. Keep your kitchen worktops organized with these little appliance storage solutions so you can concentrate on honing your cooking abilities.

1. Swing-Out Cabinets

Organizing corner cabinets might be difficult. Any problems with storing large pots and pans and small appliances are eliminated with the installation of twin swing-out shelves. With its space-efficient design, this cabinet lets you reach your blender and its components with ease and with little effort.

2. Add Shelves Risers

If there are floor to ceiling cupboards in your kitchen or an adjacent area, such a dining room, think about designating a place for small appliances. While glass-door or top open cabinets can hold lovely bowls and cake stands, base cabinets are a better place to keep items like the slow cooker that aren’t used often. It will also be simpler for you to take up and place an appliance on a lower level if it is heavy or bulky.

Add shelf risers to maximize the available space and stack small appliances as needed.

3. Keep Infrequently Used Items High

A bread machine or juicer, for example, may be better off kept high and out of the way in the cupboard if they are used seldom. Put it on the upper shelves of your pantry if there is vacant room there and you don’t mind getting on a step stool to get it over the holidays. It won’t overwhelm countertops or cabinets, but you’ll always know where it is.

4. Tucked Away Appliances

Cabinets that conceal more than just dishes and glasses are a dream for people who wish to eliminate all visible clutter in the kitchen. Put everything behind huge cabinet doors, including the espresso maker and your microwave. When using this type of kitchen appliance storage, make sure to take into account the adjacent outlets.

5. Create a Breakfast Spot

If your go-to breakfast is juice and toast, a one-stop store will simplify your daily routine. Place a countertop-height cabinet with an outlet next to a blender and toaster. To prepare your supper when you wake up, slip them out. Just make sure that before you run off to start your day, the appliances are put away once more.

6. Add a Lazy Suzan

Although walk-in pantries are quite useful, they often have subpar corner shelves. Lazy Susans enhance the surface area of corner shelves, even if it might be challenging to locate goods that fit properly on them. Utilize them for storing compact, rounded equipment like air fryers, pressure cookers, and rice cookers.

7. Group Items by Task

Sort comparable objects together while arranging your home. Everything you require is so conveniently close at hand. To keep tiny appliances and equipment for a particular purpose, use a compact kitchen cabinet. Larger appliances, such as juicers, can be placed on a lower shelf, and a lighter item, such as a citrus squeezer, can be placed in a drawer just above it.

8. Set Up a Coffee Nook

Set aside time in the morning to prepare your preferred cup of tea or coffee. Put a microwave, electric kettle, teapot, and coffee machine within one cabinet with sliding or hinged doors. For the best café experience, arrange your mugs, pour your coffee grounds into airtight canisters, and arrange your tea bags.

9. Streamline Food Prep

It’s best to have everything you need on hand for easy meal preparation. A built-in microwave by the pantry makes it easy to reheat porridge and prepare popcorn. You can quickly prepare a batch of cookies on the spur of the moment by keeping all the ingredients and utensils in one location with a stand mixer and its attachments stored on a shelf beneath baking items.

10. Storing Toasters

With a little cubby, keep your toaster neatly hidden yet always accessible. When not in use, conceal it behind a cabinet door that flips up. Just make sure there’s a handy way to connect the wiring in the area.

11. Designate an Alcove

Allocate a section of your kitchen for the storage of minor appliances. The coffee maker and grinder are ideal in this kitchen’s otherwise-unused nook. You may customize these vibrant blue shelves to fit the demands of any home kitchen, whether it wine storage or a mixing bowl.

12. Open Shelves

A classic material for kitchens is stainless steel. Rather of keeping your stainless-steel equipment hidden, arrange them on display shelves and utilize them to give your kitchen some visual interest. This microwave’s finish perfectly combines the device with the shelves. Any member of the family may readily use the microwave in this hassle-free position, whether it is for heating leftovers or preparing a snack.

13. Add a Garage for Appliances

Appliance garages are a common choice for small kitchen gadget storage since they keep odd-sized appliances out of the way yet still accessible. The things these little cupboards conceal are as different as they are. This one looks great mixed in with the current kitchen cabinets.

14. Pop-Up Mixer

Pop-up mixer stands let you easily store mixers in lower cabinets and serve as a basis for stand mixers. To use the shelf, just pull it out as needed. When it’s time to bake, this handy tip not only frees up a ton of kitchen space but also makes lifting the heavy equipment straightforward.

15. Flip-Top Shelves

Small appliances kept in cabinets with flip-up doors are simple to reach. You can heat up some breakfast or grab a cup of coffee because the door stays out of the way. Use a drawer close by to store necessities such as napkins, measuring spoons, and cutlery.

16. Roll With It

This compact appliance storage unit has a movable door, emulating vintage rolltop desks. The door nearly vanishes when it is open, providing lots of workspace. This design is good for keeping regularly used things stored since, when left open, the door will not obstruct anything.

17. Pullout Shelf

By hiding appliances, this pullout shelf combines accessibility with modest appliance storage. Each tiny device should have its own designated area to prevent an unorganized mass of wires and parts. The next time you need a food processor or a mixer to make cookies, pull out the shelf.

18. Reef Hideaway

Traditional cabinets can also be used to conceal small equipment. Though hidden from view, equipment kept at the far end of the island is reachable. Microwaves and other appliances should be kept on an island to free up wall and counter space.

19. Useful Pantry

Stock a walk-in pantry with extra appliances on an open shelf. Although keeping the machines in a pantry frees up counter space, they are still easily accessible. Appliances may be stored in pantries with adjustable shelf, accommodating any height.

20. Custom Coners

Appliances that are vertically stacked save up room on the counter and reduce perceived weight. Include a plugin outlet so appliances like the juicer, blender, and toaster may be used more efficiently. In order to maximize storage space, this design makes use of corners.

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