The Best Kitchen Storage Solutions For Limited Space

These storage options for cookware, utensils, small appliances, and more can help you make the most of your little kitchen.

Storage in a tiny kitchen may be quite difficult. Making every inch matter is essential when designing a small layout because there isn’t much room for cabinets, drawers, shelves, an island, or other storage elements. You can store more items in a tiny kitchen by using techniques that make the most of every inch of space and facilitate effective, convenient organization. A small, disorganized kitchen may become a productive workstation with the correct storage options.

Decluttering is frequently a vital first step, though, since attempting to fit too much stuff into a little kitchen can just make it feel much smaller. Reduce the number of cookware, plates, glasses, small appliances, utensils, and other objects in your collection. Only keep what you truly need and use frequently. Then utilize these little kitchen storage suggestions to maximize the available area.

1. Install open shelves

Installing open shelves can increase storage capacity beyond cabinets. With this easy DIY, you can turn a blank wall into a chic place to store dishware, recipes, pantry staples, and more. Add hooks at the bottom of a shelf so you can hang mugs or utensils for more organizing space.

2. Include storage with pullouts.

Add more storage to kitchen cabinets by adding unique, easy-to-use features. Drawers or shelves with pullouts can let you access goods in the rear of cabinets and make use of unused space. Bulky pots and pans may be kept close to the range by using this clever small-kitchen storage design.

3. Store knives against the wall.

Replace your heavy knife block with a magnetic strip that is attached to the wall for a more organized storage solution. With this clever little kitchen storage solution, you can store your most used knives close at hand without sacrificing useful counter space. Install the knife holder next to where you’re preparing food so you can quickly reach for the knife you need to cut and slice things.

4. Segment the cabinet space.

Installing dividers to separate the area within cabinets might help you keep your tiny kitchen organized. Spread baking sheets and thin pans out in your cabinets using either vertical or horizontal cabinet divider. Rather than having to choose items out of a random stack, you can just slide each one out of its designated slot.

5. Reevaluate how you store spices.

Inside a cupboard or cabinet, little containers of herbs and spices may quickly turn into a disorganized chaos. Set aside a little drawer or section of cabinet space for storing spices to simplify access. For convenient reading, the best storage option is a drawer organizer that keeps canisters upright.

6. For multipurpose kitchen storage, use pegboards.

A modest kitchen might benefit greatly from the use of a pegboard as a storage option. To hang kitchen equipment, fasten a pegboard with adjustable hooks to the inside of a tall cabinet door or a wall. To conveniently store cookware, utensils, cutting boards, and more, just remove and rearrange the hooks as your storage needs vary.

7. Customize Cookware Storage

Don’t undervalue the ability of a straightforward metal bar to improve storage in tiny kitchens. All kinds of cookware may be conveniently stored with a pot rack or a strong bar. To make pots and pans conveniently accessible, mount it on the wall adjacent to the prep area or right over the stove

8. Create a little kitchen island design.

With a creative island that’s the ideal size and height for your requirements, you can fit more prep and storage space into a little kitchen. Accessories like bins and hooks will make a little island function even harder. To get the appearance of a built-in without the bulk, choose an island on casters if available space is really limited. Simply move the workstation out of the way for cleanup or entertaining.

9. Pick a few compact kitchen appliances.

In the kitchen, little appliances play a crucial role, particularly when hosting guests and cooking quick dinners on hectic weeknights. Undercounter microwaves assist prevent spillage and simplify the process of moving hot food to the tabletop. More kitchen space may be saved with multipurpose small appliances like a microwave and convection oven.

10. Cleverly conceal large countertop appliances.

Appliance garages are an excellent place to store countertop appliances so they are hidden. To maximize the amount of space on your kitchen countertop, choose for up-and-down or side-to-side doors. For added convenience, think about installing electrical outlets inside the cabinets.


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