How To Prepare a Grilled Tilapia Fish

Introduction: Grilled tilapia fish is a dish made by grilling tilapia, a type of freshwater fish, over an open flame. The fish is typically marinated or seasoned with spices before it’s grilled, and it’s often served with a sauce or salsa on the side. Grilled tilapia fish is a popular dish in many parts of … Read more

Smoked Fish in the Nigerian Way

Introduction: Smoked fish is a type of preserved fish that has been cured by smoking. The fish is typically hung or laid out on racks, and it’s exposed to the smoke from a fire for a period of time. This process both dries and flavors the fish, making it last longer and giving it a … Read more

Nigerian Fish Stew Fried In Oil

Introduction: Nigerian fried fish stew, also known as “potato and fish porridge,” is a one-pot dish made by frying fish and potatoes in a tomato-based sauce. The fish is often cut into chunks and coated in flour or cornmeal before frying, and the potatoes are usually diced or cut into wedges. Onion, pepper, garlic, and … Read more

Nigerian Fish and Potato Porridge

Introduction: Potato and fish porridge is originated in West Africa, and it’s believed to have been brought to the region by Portuguese traders in the 16th century. It’s now a popular street food and home-cooked meal throughout West Africa. It’s made with fried fish, potatoes, onions, and a variety of spices, and it’s often served … Read more