Special Igbo’s Ora (Oha) Soup recipe

Introduction: Ora soup! is another delicious Nigerian dish, also known as Oha soup. Like bitterleaf soup, Ora soup is made with palm oil, meat, and leafy greens. But instead of bitterleaf, Ora soup uses Ora leaves, which have a milder flavor. Ora leaves are believed to have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and improving … Read more

Nigerian Bitter-leaf Soup

Introduction: Bitterleaf soup, or “ofe onugbu,” is a traditional Nigerian soup made with bitterleaf, meat, stockfish, palm oil, and other spices. The soup is typically served with fufu, a dough-like dish made from pounded yam, cassava, or plantain. Bitterleaf soup is popular in the eastern part of Nigeria, where it’s considered a delicacy. It’s known … Read more

Nigerian Breadfruit (Ukwa)

Intrduction: African breadfruit belongs to a distinct food category. Since breadfruit seeds are most similar to beans, I decided to put it in the beans area even though I wasn’t sure where to put it initially. Treculia africana is its scientific name, and it is known as Ukwa in Igbo. Ukwa is a very adaptable … Read more