Dankali Ndalayi (Potato Pepper-Soup)

Introduction: Potato pepper soup is a traditional Nigerian dish that originated in the kanuri region of the country. The soup is made with boiled potatoes that are then mashed and combined with a pepper-based broth, often made with palm oil, tomatoes, and spices. The soup can be enjoyed on its own or served with other … Read more

Kunun Gyada (rice gruel with groundnut milk)

Introduction: A raw groundnuts and a rice are combined to make Kunun Gyada, a light porridge popular in Northern Nigeria. It would be easy for you to prepare Kunun Gyada if you know how to create Akamu (Ogi). Do you know that after boiling water for akamu, it is combined with chilly water? We boil … Read more

A Traditional Kanuri Pap Called Mordom

Introduction: Mordom a traditional kanuri pap is a traditional drink from northern Nigeria. It’s made from millet flour, which is mixed with water and cooked until it reaches a creamy consistency. mordom is not fermented like the traditional koko, so it’s not sour or fizzy. Instead, it has a creamy texture and a mild, nutty … Read more

Yakuwa Soup: kanuri delicious

Introduction: Yakuwa is a traditional Nigerian soup made with sorrel leaves, tomatoes, onions, and scotch bonnet pepper. The sorrel leaves are native to Africa and are known for their tangy, citrusy flavor. They are often used in soups and stews, and are said to have health benefits, including boosting the immune system and improving digestion.The … Read more