Egg prepared Yam Balls


Yam balls are a popular dish in parts of Africa and the Caribbean. They’re made by combining yams, eggs, flour, and spices into a dough, and then forming the dough into small balls. The balls are then deep-fried until they’re crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Some people like to add ingredients like onions, peppers, or herbs to the dough. Yam balls are typically served with a dipping sauce, like a spicy tomato sauce or a simple garlic sauce.

Yam balls are thought to have originated in Ghana or Nigeria. The dish was introduced to the Caribbean by African slaves who were brought to the region in the 17th and 18th centuries. Yam balls are still a popular dish in the Caribbean today, especially in countries like Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

Yam balls are really tasty and make a fantastic breakfast or snack. Enjoy delicious yam in this different style.

Ingredients of Yam Balls

  • 1 pound (2.2 kg) Hazel yam
  • ¼ cup Peak Milk, 3 eggs, and 8 little butter cubes
  • One little fresh paprika
  • Pepper from a Scotch bonnet (to taste)
  • One tiny cube of seasoning
  • A smidgeon of black pepper
  • ½ onion red
  • Salt (as desired)
  • vegetable-based cooking oil

A note about the ingredients

You can get by using sweet potatoes instead of white yams if you don’t have access to them, but the flavor is different.

The yam balls are made creamy and moist with Peak Milk.

Atarodo, ose oyibo, or atarugu are the names for Scotch bonnet pepper.

Outside of Nigeria, sweet peppers called paprika are widespread; in Nigeria, tatashe is used instead. You might wish to skip the atarodo, ose oyibo, or atarugu (scotch bonnet pepper) while using tatashe.

To sauté the onions and peppers, use carrot oil.

Before you make Yam Balls

  1. Chop the onion and peppers.
  2. Hard-boil two of the eggs. Next, chop into fragments. One egg yields roughly eight pieces for me.
  3. Cut the yam tuber into medium-sized pieces after peeling. After rinsing, put the yam cubes in a large saucepan.

Directions for Cooking

STEP 1. Add the black pepper and seasoning cube, then add enough water to cover the yam cubes by about an inch. Cook over medium heat.

STEP 2. The yam with a little water in the pot should be tender after 30 minutes. Stir in the butter cubes and salt, then put aside to cool somewhat.

STEP 3. Add a little amount of vegetable oil to a skillet and cook the onions and peppers for around seven minutes.

STEP 4. As you mash the boiling yam, add the Peak Milk. It simply requires a little mashing of the yam.

STEP 5. Stir well after adding the onions and sautéed peppers.

STEP 6. In a deep pan, put some vegetable oil and heat it up. Three inches of oil should be present.

STEP 7. Shape the mashed yam into spheres and reserve.

STEP 8. Whisk the remaining egg after breaking it.

STEP 9. Before putting each yam ball into the hot oil, coat it with the beaten egg once it’s heated. Add as many balls as possible without packing them in too closely.

STEP 10. Stir often, and you may remove it from the oil at the first hint of browning.

Serve for breakfast alongside other breakfast dishes, or with a cold beverage.

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