Home Made Cerelac Recipe (Baby Food For Six months And Older)

Essentially a rice grain and mixed lentil baby meal recipe for ages 6 to 12 months. Though it has a new label, it is essentially the same traditional Indian infant meal prepared with rice and lentils. Once your kid is six months old, you may mix it into a powder and start feeding them. It will also aid with weight gain.

For most new parents, one of the most intimidating types of meals is baby food. Everyone wants to eat something handmade, healthful, and beneficial to their physical and mental growth. Cerelac is one such simple homemade baby food recipe that may be fed to infants older than six months.
Being a parent is an amazing journey, and every second should be treasured.

However, there are also uncertainties, doubts, and dos and don’ts at every turn. I had something similar with my 4-month-old daughter. The plan, nutrition, and schedule all vary every week, and we have to adjust appropriately. I need to be ready for solid meals because I will soon be six months old. I have an easy plan. Keep your infant eating simple, classic, and tried-and-true meals. Being a South Indian, I shall make sure that my daughter Avni’s diet consists primarily of rice and lentils. I’ve used the same blend of rice grains, mixed lentils, and almonds in my homemade cerelac dish. While rice and lentils aid in weight increase and the development of taste buds, almonds support the growth of the brain.

This recipe has been tried and tested by several generations, so it’s not complicated at all. I was on this diet myself, and I’ll give my kid the same treatment. However, the combination of ingredients in this recipe may vary somewhat depending on the state and area of India. However, this is a great dish to start newborns with.

In addition, I would include some more advice, ideas, and a starting point for six-month infant meal recipes. First, introduce solid meals in tiny amounts if you have just reached the 6-month mark. Maybe begin with a half teaspoon and see your baby’s response. You may experiment with additional baby food varieties, such as mashed fruits, vegetables, and legumes, in addition to this cerelac recipe.

Second, every infant is unique, and as such, their appetites would differ when it comes to amount. But begin with a modest amount and increase it when your infant requests it. Additionally, although some newborns might choose to eat this semi-solid food with a spoon, others could prefer to use their fingers. Therefore, don’t have any bias against your child. Finally, nursing does not have to end once you begin eating solid meals. The WHO advises continuing for 24 months, therefore you might need to continue for another 12 to 24 months before gradually stopping. I might write more and more on baby food diet plans in the future, and I might also write about how to wean yourself off of breast milk gradually.


  • One cup rice
  • two tablespoons moong dal
  • 2 tbsp black urad dal
  • 2 tbsp masoor dal
  • two tablespoons of horse gram
  • seven almond or badam
  • two tablespoons of broken wheat
  • water for washing


Preparing homemade cerelac powder at home:

  1. First, place one cup of rice in a big basin and cover with enough water to rinse.
  2. After removing the water, spread onto a fresh kitchen towel.
  3. Give it half an hour to dry. You may speed up the process by sun drying.
  4. Place two tablespoons each of moong dal, masoor dal, black urad dal, horse gram, and almond in a another bowl.
  5. To remove dust and other contaminants, rinse with adequate water.
  6. After removing the water, spread onto a fresh kitchen towel.
  7. Give it half an hour to dry.
  8. Next, take the dry rice and cook it over a low heat.
  9. Roast the rice until it is completely dry. On a low burner, it takes ten minutes to dry entirely.
  10. After fully cold, transfer to a platter.
  11. Move the lentil to the pan and begin roasting after it has dried fully.
  12. Roast over low heat until very dry.
  13. Allow to cool fully before transferring to a platter.
  14. Transfer the blend to a blender and process until it becomes a fine powder.
  15. To avoid any grains, filter the powder using a fine mesh screen.
  16. Use the homemade cerelac combination within a month by keeping it in an airtight container.

To get the baby food for Cerelac ready:

  1. Fill a clean pot with 1 tablespoon of the mixture.
  2. Pour in two cups of water and stir to ensure no lumps remain.
  3. Switch the pan to a low heat and keep stirring.
  4. Simmer the mixture for ten to twelve minutes, or until it thickens and is thoroughly cooked.
  5. Lastly, provide the baby food made from homemade cerelac to infants older than six months.

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