How to Prepare Baby Banana Puree

Rich in potassium, banana puree gives other fruit purees a creamy texture and enhances the sweetness of yogurt. Make this perfect first meal for your baby by following our simple, step-by-step instructions.

Ripe bananas are ideal for newborns to mash between their mouths since they have a smooth, mushy feel similar to avocados. You may offer it to your baby straight away or after they’ve sampled a variety of fruits and vegetables, since it’s a great first food for newborns.

It used to be recommended that newborns be exposed to vegetables before fruits, but that practice is no longer supported. “There is no evidence that your baby will develop a dislike for vegetables if fruit is given first,” said the American Academy of Pediatrics. Thus, you are free to feed your baby’s first foods—banana puree and other—whenever and however you like.

Serve the puree on its own or combined with baby cereal, another fruit, or a vegetable. Here’s how to treat your young one to a delicious banana purée.

Step 1:

Choose and Purchase Fresh Banana, Bananas are cheap and delicious in the summer in the United States, but grocery shops sell imported bananas year-round. Select bananas with flawless yellow peels. A banana with green skin is underripe, but a peel with too many brown patches indicates that the fruit is overripe or almost overripe. Six to eight ounces of puree can be made from one medium fresh banana combined with formula or breast milk.

Step 2:

Clean, Peel, and Cut the BananaUse soap and water to wash your hands. Next, use a simple water to scrape or wash the banana. Peel, dry, and rinse under cold running water. Throw away the banana’s skin and ends. Cut each piece of the remaining banana into quarters after slicing it into pieces.

Step 3:

Use a food processor or blender to puree or mash the banana puree until it’s smooth. When pureed, a fresh banana has a light purple-brown tint. To get the correct consistency, add water as necessary. Use formula or breast milk in place of water while blending the banana for added creaminess.

If your baby is 10 months or older, you want a chunkier puree, so instead of pureeing it in a blender, mash it with a potato masher.

Step 4:

Present Pureed Bananas
In addition to tasting great on its own, sweet banana puree blends well with acidic or mildly flavored fruit or vegetable purees. Try combining pureed bananas with:

  • 12. Strawberries
  • 8. Papaya
  • 3. Blueberries
  • 4. Cherries
  • 2. Avocado
  • 5. Full-fat Greek yogurt
  • Applesauce
  • 6. Infant cereal
  • 7. Oatmeal
  • 9. Peach
  • 10. Pear
  • 11. Plum
  • 13. Squash
  • 14. Sweet potatoes

Step 5:

Put Any Extra Banana Puree to FreezeStore any leftover banana puree in the fridge for up to three days in BPA-free containers. Leftovers can be frozen for up to three months. Refrigerate overnight to allow it to thaw.

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