Kunun Gyada (rice gruel with groundnut milk)


A raw groundnuts and a rice are combined to make Kunun Gyada, a light porridge popular in Northern Nigeria. It would be easy for you to prepare Kunun Gyada if you know how to create Akamu (Ogi). Do you know that after boiling water for akamu, it is combined with chilly water? We boil groundnut milk in Kunun Gyada and mix it with blended cool water rice. Yes, they are pretty similar, however the method is different since the rice is put into the heated groundnut milk.

Ingredients needed to make Kunun Gyada

  • 150g of raw peanuts or groundnuts
  • 50g portion of soft rice
  • 600 ml of chilled water
  • To your liking, tamarind (Tsamiya)

substitutive component:

  • If you don’t have tamarind (tsamiya), use lemon juice or Icheku (velvet tamarind).


  • You’ll need a kitchen blender to mix it. My 600W power blender works really well for mixing soaked rice and groundnuts, or peanuts.
  • You’ll need a cheesecloth or chiffon cloth to strain it. You may also use certain females’ tights or stockings.

A note about the Ingredients

  1. For Kunun Gyada, you have to utilize RAW groundnuts, or peanuts.
  2. Around the world, South American and African food stores sell raw groundnuts and tamarind.
  3. When preparing Kunun Gyada, use the soft rice, the same kind used for Tuwo Shinkafa.
  4. Taste and add tamarind as needed. To get the component amounts mentioned above, I used three three-in-a-pod tamarinds.

Before You Make Kunun Gyada

Give the rice at least eight hours on water to soak.

For three hours, soak the raw groundnuts (peanuts).

Soak the tamarind in warm water until it becomes mushy, then remove the juice. Put aside.

After the groundnuts have soaked, grind them with 400 ml of water to extract the groundnut milk, following the directions in the Groundnut Milk recipe.

Mix 200 cc of water with the rice and put aside.

Recipe instructions for Kunun Gyada

  1. Transfer the groundnut milk to a saucepan and bring it to a simmer over medium heat. To prevent it from sticking to the pot bottoms, stir it often. If you do not use it frequently, lumps may also occur.
  2. Stirring constantly, gradually add the rice blend as it comes to a boil.
  3. Stir in the tamarind juice and bring to a boil again.
    Stir continuously until it reheats and is ready to serve.
  4. Serve Kunun Gyada warm or hot with Akara (Kosai) or enjoy it by itself as a soothing beverage *wink!.

Please ask me any questions you may have regarding this recipe.

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