Nigerian Gbegiri Soup


A Yoruba (Western Nigerian) soup made with beans is called gbegiri soup. It looks like baby food on its own, but when you add Ewedu Soup and the meat from your Beef & Chicken Stew, it comes to life.
[Video] Nigerian Gbegiri Soup
It takes some getting used to eating Gbegiri Soup (the yellow one in the picture), especially if you’re not used to eating soup made with beans. Your taste buds will definitely be teased and challenged by the combination of the stew, Gbegiri soup, and Ewedu soup!

Ingredients for gbegiri soup

  • 150 grams of black or brown beans
  • 1 tiny smoked mackerel/Titus
  • 1/fourth cup of ground crayfish
  • 1 Large stock cube
  • 1 cookingspoon of palm oil
  • Pepper and salt (to taste)

Make sure you have some Beef & Chicken Stew before making Gbegiri Soup because the beef for the soup comes from this stew.
Soak the beans for about three hours after removing the bean coat. As a result of the soaking, the beans cook more quickly. This will eliminate the requirement for using potash to boil the beans. You must soak dried beans overnight if you’re using peeled beans.
Prepare the other ingredients by grinding the crayfish and pounding or blitzing the pepper.

Directions for Cooking

STEP 1: In a big pot, add the peeled and soaked beans. Cooking beans on medium heat requires covering them with water.

STEP 3: Prepare the soup that will be eaten with the Gbegiri Soup while the beans are cooking.

STEP 3: Cook the beans until they are so tender that they essentially melt in your fingers. An hour is required for this. You will occasionally need to top off the water, but make sure it is always at the same level as the beans. This guarantees that when the beans are finished cooking, there will be the perfect amount of water in the soup.

STEP 4: Blend the beans once they are tender and well-done. If your blender has a plastic jug, strain the soft beans through a sieve that has a fine mesh because it is not recommended to blend hot food in blenders with plastic jugs.

STEP 5: Put the beans back on the stove after adding the smoked salmon, crayfish, stock cube, salt, and pepper.

STEP 6: Cook at low heat with the lid on for about 5 minutes, or until the oil has incorporated with the other ingredients. The oil turns yellow at this point, from red.

STEP 7: For it not to burn, stir occasionally.

STEP 8: You are done now! The finished Gbegiri Soup.

Serve the meat from your Beef & Chicken Stew with your Ewedu Soup and Amala or any Nigerian fufu dish.

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