Nigerian Sweet Potato Porridge


Potato porridge, also known as “stamped potato,” is a traditional dish that originated in Ireland. It’s made by mashing potatoes and adding milk, butter, and salt. The dish can be served as a main course or a side dish. In some parts of the world, potato porridge is known as “colcannon” or “tattie scones.” It’s a hearty and comforting dish that can be enjoyed any time of year. The history of potato porridge goes back to the 17th century. It was originally made with oatmeal or barley, but when the potato was introduced to Ireland, it became a staple ingredient in the dish. Potato porridge was a common meal for Irish peasants during the Great Famine of the 1840s. It’s thought to have been a major source of nutrition for many people who were starving at the time. Over time, potato porridge evolved to include additional ingredients, such as cabbage, leeks, and parsnips. Today, it’s a popular dish in many parts of the world.

Ingredients for Nigerian Potato Porridge

  • Two large Irish potatoes, or spuds
  • 1 tsp red palm oil for cooking
  • One onion, homemade stock (beef and chicken).
  • Bits of pork (optional)
  • Raw paprika, or tatashe
  • One teaspoon of crayfish powder
  • one cup of greens
  • To taste, add black pepper.
  • Salt (as desired)

Remarks on the Ingredients of Potato Porridge

For this dish, I like to use Irish potatoes instead of sweet potatoes. I find that sweet potatoes have an odd sweetness that makes them incompatible with red palm oil. However, other people might not care.

Purchase Irish potatoes marked “best for boiling” if you reside in an area where potatoes are labeled according to their culinary use. This will provide the ideal thickness for your porridge.

Use tomato stew to give your potato porridge some color if you don’t have red palm oil.

Just a limited amount of fresh paprika is available; watch the video below.
You may use the following leafy greens: kale, spinach, ugu, green amaranth, and fragrance leaves for a unique flavor.

Use atarodo, cayenne, or any other hot pepper in place of black pepper.

Seasoning cubes should be added if homemade stock isn’t available. For the amount of potatoes we are using in this recipe, one little spice cube is plenty.

Before you prepare the potato porridge,

  1. After peeling, chop the potatoes into medium-sized cubes, much like you would while making yam porridge. Rinse, then put away.
    Chop the paprika and onion.
  2. Tear up your leafy leaves after rinsing.
  3. Pulverize the crayfish.

Recipe instructions for Potato Porridge

STEP 1. Place the potato cubes in a saucepan.

STEP 2. Pour water to just below the level of the potatoes, add the homemade stock (or seasoning cubes), black pepper, crayfish, few onions, and the pork pieces, if using. The amount of water you add matters a lot; for an example, see the video below.

STEP 3. Place a lid on the saucepan and turn the heat up to high.

STEP 4. Watch it closely, as you must seize it before the potatoes become overly mushy. When a knife can be inserted into a potato without encountering any resistance, you know it’s done.

STEP 5. At that point, you’ll also notice that the liquid in the pot is getting thicker. Add the chopped paprika, the remaining onions, and any leafy vegetables you’re using.

STEP 6. Keep the pot covered and carry on cooking. After the vegetable wilts, which should only take a few minutes, thoroughly combine all the ingredients using a spatula.

STEP 7. Check for salt and add more if needed. I say if required since crayfish has a salty flavor, seasoning cubes contain salt, and pig pieces are highly salted. Thus, if you are utilizing all these items, you might not need to add any extra salt.

STEP 8. It’s finished when everything is well mixed!

You may have it for dinner or lunch. This can also be eaten for breakfast by certain folks. The preparation of this dinner is simple and fast.

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