Special Igbo’s Ora (Oha) Soup recipe


Ora soup! is another delicious Nigerian dish, also known as Oha soup. Like bitterleaf soup, Ora soup is made with palm oil, meat, and leafy greens. But instead of bitterleaf, Ora soup uses Ora leaves, which have a milder flavor. Ora leaves are believed to have many health benefits, including reducing inflammation and improving digestion. Like bitterleaf soup, Ora soup is often served with fufu or pounded yam.

You won’t find a more comprehensive recipe for Oha Soup (Ora Soup) online than this one. It is made exactly as our forefathers made Oha Soup (Ora Soup). even if some of the ingredients are missing.

Ingredients for Oha Soup (Ora Soup)

  • A little bundle of ora leaves
  • A little cluster of 800g palm fruits (akwu) with uziza leaves
  • 500 g of cocoyam
  • 1.2kg of ribs of beef
  • 2 dried fish pieces
  • Three stockfish chunks
  • 1-2 teaspoons of crayfish powder
  • One or two tsp ogiri Igbo
  • Four little seasoning cubes
  • Ose Nsukka or yellow habanero peppers, according to your taste

Utensils and tools you’ll require

The minimum of tools required to make Oha Soup (Ora Soup) are as follows:

To pound the cocoyam and palm fruits, use a mortar and pestle. Some folks informed me they pound these in a pot with a wine bottle if they don’t have a mortar and pestle.

A sieve to be used in the palm fruit processing.

Notes on the Ingredients of Oha Soup (Ora Soup)

There are some components whose precise amounts are not sufficiently indicated by numbers.
Use the red habanero pepper or even fresh cayenne peppers if you don’t have the yellow one. However, the yellow one pairs well with oha soup due to its distinct flavor.
I seasoned the meat using the seasoning cubes. Seasoning cubes were not used by our ancestors.

Before you prepare Oha Soup (Ora Soup),

The dry fish should be soaked in water and then let to soften. Once tender, gently brush, remove the bones, and cut into pieces.

Rinse the palm fruits and boil them until you can use your fingers to rub the flesh off the nut.

Process the meat in a mortar until a smooth pulp develops.

After giving the mashed palm fruits a quick rinse in water, strain the concentrate and reserve the chaff.

The cocoyam should be boiled until tender, then peeled and pounded smooth in a mortar.
Using the tips of your fingers, rinse and chop the ora leaves. The leaves turn brown from knife wounds.

After washing, cut the uziza leaves.

Recipe instructions for Oha Soup (Ora Soup)

First : After washing the stockfish and the meat with water and a brush, place them in a pot, crush the spice cubes into the pot, add just enough water to cover, and boil until the stockfish is cooked through.

Step 2: Once the meat and fish are cooked, remove the stockfish, debone, and chop it into small pieces before setting it aside.

Step 3: Carefully pour the concentrated palm fruit juice into the meat pot gradually, being careful not to spill any sediments into the bottom of the container.
Add the stockfish, yellow habanero pepper, crayfish, and dry fish. Once covered, carry on cooking.

Step 4: Add the cocoyam paste and ogiri Igbo in tiny scoops after it begins to boil.
Cook with a lid on until the cocoyam melts. Without disturbing the cocoyam lumps, frequently stir the bottom of the pot.

Step 5: After the cocoyam has completely dissolved, incorporate the uziz and oha leaves. Take it off the heat and stir, adding salt if needed. Quickly transfer to a cool container to prevent the oha leaves from overcooking and darkening.

Step 6: And there you are done!

If you are watching your weight, serve with either Nigerian Fufu or the Low Carb Fufu Meals. Give this recipe to anybody you think might benefit from it.

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